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What is a rhinestone?

  • Rhinestones are highly reflective glass made to imitate gems and diamonds.  Most have a foil backing that is added to increase reflectivity and brilliance.   

Storing your jewelry

  •   Rhinestones do scratch so it is best to keep pieces from rubbing against each other. Jewelry cloth pouches or the jewelry boxes that the jewelry came in work great.  Keep in a dust-free and dry area since moisture can harm rhinestones and dust will dull the sparkle.

Cleaning Tips

Types of cleaner that can be used:

  • Window cleaner or mild soapy water – Never spray cleaner directly on to jewelry.

  • Rubbing alcohol – cleans and dries fast


  • A polishing cloth can be used if you only need a light cleaning. Polishing cloths can be purchased at jewelry stores or the Internet.

  • One way to clean stones is to spray a little cleaning agent onto a clean soft cloth or paper toweling and wipe the surface of the rhinestones.

  • Brushes and q-tips dipped in a little cleaner can be used to get into the hard to clean areas.  It is best to blot the brush or q-tip onto a cloth or paper towel to take the excess water out.  Remember….we do not want water or cleaner getting behind the stones.

  • Do not use toothbrushes on Aurora Borealis stones. These stones have a special coating applied to the surface to produce a rainbow-colored sparkle and scratch easily.

  • Jewelry should be completely dry before putting it away.  You should lay it face down on a clear dry cloth for a few hours to make sure it is dry.  You can also go over your jewelry with hair blow dryer set at a low or cold setting to make sure that all the moisture is out. 

  • Rhinestone jewelry will look beautiful for years but perfume, hair spray and make-up will build up on the rhinestones over time and they will loose some of their sparkle. We suggest that you make your jewelry the last thing you put on before going out so it will stay glitzy for years.




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